About Purse Strings

Purse Strings in Hollywood, Florida, was started when the founder of our organization realized that she had reached a certain level of success in her business. It suddenly occurred to her that being successful in business was not enough to be successful in life, and the next step was for her to help other women who are in need.

The Humbling That Sparked the Beginning
Once her goal was realized, she took the first step in getting our nonprofit off of the ground and donated the first installment of $50,000.00. The main purpose of our organization is to support young women who are struggling to eat, get an education, or just to live.

Each year we identify five young ladies who need a little extra help. Each of these women are awarded $10,000.00 to help fulfill whatever need they may have. In an effort to do whatever it takes to help others in our community, we are also teaming up with other small like-minded organizations and supporting them as well. Additionally, once we have reached our $50,000.00 goal, we will match money for the next set of young women we choose to support. If we get an additional $50,000.00 this year we can move on from there.

Contact our nonprofit organization in Hollywood, Florida, to get assistance, if you are a woman in need.